Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park, AZ - Tuesday, April 19, 2005

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Giving all of these descriptions is rather ridiculous at least at the moment. Although in the future I may label what's being looked at. For the moment, it's pretty self explainitory - a fucking impressive hole in the ground - The Grand Canyon.

Personally, I think the Grand Canyon is the most visually amazing place in the world. Possibly I'm not qualified enough to say that, but of all the places I've been, nothing compares, or even comes close.

The first few photos are our room @ The Comfort Inn. Sweet digs.

The Grand Canyon 'The Train' are taken at Grand Canyon Village - the west most part of the South Rim accessible by car.

Towards the end, there are shots of the Tusayan Ruin and Musuem.

The tower is at east end of the South Rim, the start or end point of the South Rim, at Desert View. Right now I forgot what it's called. Most of the canyon photos taken from this point are taken from inside the tower.

The last two photos are the sunset as we drove out of the Grand Canyon National Park.

The photos are amazing - let, they're still don't compare to being there.